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Christ Church, please welcome our NEWEST sub-deacon, Jim Blake, and our NEWEST acolyte, Monesty Howard.

Thanks to Jim and Monesty for answering the Appeal for Altar Crew volunteers!


    No Longer Strangers, but members of the household of God- Eph. 2

For all the saints, who from their labors rest,
who thee by faith before the world confessed,
thy Name, O Jesus, be forever blessed.
Alleluia, Alleluia!

Thou wast their rock, their fortress and their might;
thou, Lord, their Captain in the well-fought fight;
thou, in the darkness drear, the one true Light.
Alleluia, Alleluia!

 O may thy soldiers, faithful, true, and bold, fight as the saints who nobly fought of old, and win with them, the victors crown of gold.
Alleluia, Alleluia!

O blest communion, fellowship divine!
We feebly struggle, they in glory shine
yet all are one in thee, for all are thine.
Alleluia, Alleluia!

And when the strife is fierce, the warfare long,
steals on the ear the distant triumph song,
and hearts are brave, again, and arms are strong.
Alleluia, Alleluia!

The golden evening brightens in the west;
soon, soon to faithful warriors cometh rest;
sweet is the calm of paradise the blest.
Alleluia, Alleluia!

But lo! there breaks a yet more glorious day;
the saints triumphant rise in bright array;
the King of glory passes on his way.
Alleluia, Alleluia!

From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast,
through gates of pearl streams in the countless host,
singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost:
Alleluia, Alleluia! 

art below: Tim Jutsum@2006 acrylic on canvas


editors letter

Editor note: Members of our Stewardship team have been sharing heartfelt thoughts regarding Christ Church, and this seems a great place to highlight them. We have Joe Schaller, Pru Kirkpatrick, and Steve Remy. 

editors letter

Editor note: Members of our Stewardship team have been sharing heartfelt thoughts regarding Christ Church, and this seems a great place to highlight them. We have Joe Schaller, Pru Kirkpatrick, and Steve Remy. 


Because I believe in the grace of God, and all that it implies in my present life, and a life hereafter, it is my only reasonable response to be grateful for God’s grace. Gratitude is an action word. It’s not a slogan, not something that merely receives an occasional nod and a few words of thank you Lord for what you have given me. Gratitude is a call to action. And like many things spiritual, meaning God centered, it’s a call to taking inconvenient actions. Actions which rub against my nature for a life free of responsibilities. It’s a call to leave my own personal garden of Eden.

It is my experience that the strength of our church body, is that it nourishes my soul.  And it is only through this nourishment that I can transform my reluctance, my hesitation, and my proclivity to whine into a service rendered with a grateful and cheerful heart. It is the power of love in our Eucharist that is gifted to me, not in isolation, but as given to all. 

I believe that all God-centered spiritual activity plays out in our physical reality. Faith is found in community and as a community we have chosen to meet and worship here for more than 100 years. We believe it is God’s call on our lives. We believe that we have a legacy which God would have us to continue to refine and improve and to carry out with gratitude for his grace. 

Christ Church has also is given me a connection to a community of believers so that I may stand with a light in my hand in a world of great darkness. The Holy Spirit has lit the candle, but so have you.  Christ Church has given me a profound spiritually-based liturgy. It has given me the loving and powerful word of the good news of the gospel: exclaimed from our pulpit by a minister dedicated to the betterment of all, including our community both near and far. It is given me a soaring and majestic music which tells me that we can aspire to be what God has called us to do.  

By making a commitment to our annual stewardship program I am linking up my hands, with you in Christ.  I give secure in the knowledge that I have answered the call of God in my life. I stand here this morning because I have received, from God and through you, the courage to take the halting and inconvenient and maybe in some cases dangerous steps that that call of God’s will as expressed in this body requires of me. I give to the best of my ability. I give my talent, my time, my treasure. I give to give. I do not give to get. I am redeemed whether I give or not. That is a great joy! Giving is an expression of my gratitude for that great joy and for your steadfast and holy fellowship. Giving is an action word!



Steve Remy


art below: Hannah Sommers ©2011 watercolor


Ruth's Page

Ruth's Page

Ruth's column


“O blest communion, fellowship divine!

We feebly struggle, they in glory shine;

Yet all are one in thee in thee,

For all are thine.

Alleluia, alleluia!”


  • Hymn #287, “For all the saints, who from their labors rest”


As many of you know, I fully engage in that hallmark of our Anglican identity, which is openness to ambiguity! My faith is as much about the love of questions as the certainties. When it comes to All Saints Day, I am blessed with certainty.  For as long as I can remember, it has never occurred to me that the people I love who have died don’t hear me when I pray for them.  In fact, before I was taught anything different, I used to pray TO my grandmother. She was the first person I loved and lost. We called her “Angel.” 

For a time after Angel died, she became a regular fixture in my bed time prayer routine. After the Lord’s Prayer, I would give my attention to Angel. I went through God, of course.  I asked God to quiet the streets of heaven so that a message could get through and be heard by my grandmother. It never occurred to me that God didn’t quiet everyone in Heaven briefly to sound my message through the streets by broadcasting my own voice saying the words to Him: “Hi, Angel, it’s Ruth. How are you doing? I am doing fine. I miss you. I love you.”

All of these years later, it still does not occur to me that the ones I love and see no longer do not receive my prayers and join me there. It never occurs to me that we have not been knit together into one communion and fellowship in the mystical body of Christ.

I no longer picture cobbled, Heavenly streets with people bustling about but pausing when prayers and other announcements are given over the celestial intercom. When I am in that space where wordless, contemplative prayer delivers me, I am one with the God who is all in all. All who came before, all who are now, all who will come after; all of time, before time, and beyond time; all of what we can see, know, or believe and all of what we can’t see, know or believe.  The mystics call this “unitive seeing,” but it’s not reserved for mystics only. In this seeing, or “space,” I know beyond any doubt that I am communing with God in whom we live, move and have our being, and communing with all being that lives, moves, and has itself in God! 

Baptisms, Eucharists, music, prayer, liturgies – these guide us to the crossroads, the touch stone,  of the Saints in Heaven and on Earth. But Heaven and earth are also joined together within us when we give ourselves fully over to the presence of God. I no longer envision a veil between Heaven and earth that is temporarily lifted from time to time. I imagine that the great cloud of witnesses surrounding us is as near and present as Lawn Street is outside my office window. As are the saints of God, the souls of our loved ones died to this life, we ourselves and every other living thing that fills the overflowing cup who is God.

See you in church,



Did you know that Ruth has a blog? It's beautiful and you can find it here-





Stephen Kennedy

Stephen Kennedy

Notes from Stephen Kennedy

We celebrated All Saints at Christ Church at the Sunday Eucharist with two anthems from the 20th century. "Give Laud Unto the Lord" by Ernest Bullock (1890-1979), and "How Beauteous Are Their Feet", by Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924).  These sacred choral anthems are staples in the Anglican repertoire.  Their texts, outlined below, are rich in imagery of All Saints.  Sacred choral works such as these were not performable at Christ Church until the advent of the Hook & Hastings organ.  We are grateful for our collaboration withe the Eastman School of Music which has brought about the possibility of expanding our repertoire to include such works.

"Give Laud Unto the Lord"                            
Text: Give Laud Unto the Lord, from heaven that is so high. Praise him in deed and word, above the starry sky: an also ye his Angels, all, armies royal, praise joyfully. Ye boundless realms of joy, exalt your maker’s fame, his praise your song employ.  Ye Cherubim and Seraphim, to sing his praise.

"How Beauteous Are Their Feet" 
Text: How beauteous are their feet
who stand on Zion's hill
who bring salvation on their tongues
and words of peace instil! How happy are our ears
that hear this joyful sound
which kings and prophets waited for
and sought, but never found. How blessèd are our eyes
that see this heavenly light
Prophets and kings desired it long
but died without the sight. The Lord makes bare his arm
through all the earth abroad
let every nation now behold
their Savior and their God.

Stephen Kennedy
Music Director
Christ Church Rochester
Instructor of Sacred Music
Eastman School of Music

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Below, you will find a link to the professional, musical recordings made of Christ Church Rochester's Schola Cantorum and exquisite pieces played on the Craighead-Saunders organ, played by world renowned organists David Higgs and William Porter as well as our own famous Stephen Kennedy. These are wonderful!  ed. note



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Please contact me if you are interested in participating in any aspect of our music program at Christ Church. Stephen Kennedy, Music Director stephenk@rochester.rr.com You may also support our music education and enrichment opportunities for young musicians who are dedicating their lives to the field of sacred music by contributing to Christ Church’s "Friends of Music" fund.

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