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The College for Congregational Development

What happened at General Convention #79

The Art Tree in the Garden

Pride Parade (not an official Christ Church event)

RedWings Episcopal Night

2018 Jazz Fest

New Addition Meals

Impromptu Tours

Latest Sunday Bulletin and Audio of the 11:00 am Eucharist

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Bishop Prince Singh

Lecture audio and video

    Third Sunday Lecture Series and Compline

Vestry Minutes


Concert by “Publick Musick”

TITLE: Bach Cantatas in Christ Church


Wednesday August 15, 7:30 pm
Christ Episcopal Church
141 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

Returning to the beautiful sanctuary of Christ Church Rochester, Publick Musick will perform the magnificent cantata "Geist und Seele sind verwirret" (BWV 35) by J. S. Bach, featuring countertenor Clifton Massey as the soloist. This two-part cantata for alto, obbligato organ, oboes, and strings incorporates music drawn from an earlier (lost) concerto, including two large-scale instrumental sinfonias. The virtuosic organ solos will be performed by internationally renowned organist Michael Unger. 

Also on the program is the beautiful cantata "Widerstehe doch der Sünde" (BWV 54) for alto and strings, and the joyous concerto TWV 44:43 for three oboes and three violins by G. P. Telemann.

This concert will take place in Christ Church Rochester in order to incorporate the glorious sounds of the Craighead-Saunders organ, an exact copy of a Bach-era instrument, and the only such instrument outside of Europe. The concert will be a rare opportunity to hear Bach's sacred works performed with a full-size baroque organ alongside strings and oboes of the era.

TICKETS: From as well as at the door.

General Admission: $20
Patron ticket (includes $30 tax-deductible donation): $50
Student/Low income: $10
Children age 17 and under free

Publick Musick photo.jpg

The College for Congregational Development

Joe Schaller and Deb VanderBilt completed Year 2 of the College for Congregational Development on Saturday, July 28.  The week-long College teaches church leaders tools and models that can be applied to transitions, congregational growth or decline, intercultural communication, conflict, and other life-cycle dynamics that affect the life of a congregation. Joe and Deb report that they came back feeling "energized and inspired. The College facilitators were excellent and skilled teachers. We met Episcopalians from all over the diocese and from the eastern seaboard, heard great stories from them, strategized using case studies and small group exercises, and overall feel supported and better equipped for our roles at Christ Church. And we plan to share more specifically what we learned with the vestry and congregation over the next year." The College celebrates the attendees with a dinner on the last evening of the week--see photo!


What happened at General Convention #79


The Art Tree in the Garden

The Art Tree is an exhibit of modern art sponsored by our neighbor ROCO ( The Rochester Contemporary Art Center).

You can find out more about them here-

As The People of Light (the Light of Christ) this is a fantastic gift from God to be able to host this art event.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5.16

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 graphic art composite by David Kirkpatrick

graphic art composite by David Kirkpatrick

Pride Parade 2018

The Pride Parade was not an official Christ Church event. The Rochester Diocese had a place in the parade and Bishop Singh was enthusiastically leading. Many Christ Church parishioners joined in, marching with the Bishop or Jeremy Cooney, a long time member of Christ Church, a vestry member and a candidate for public office (NYS Senate). The people marching with Jeremy did so as friends of his who support his efforts and not directly as representatives of Christ Church. Many of the Christ Church people who wanted to support the LGBTQ community walked with the Diocese. Some folks bounced back and forth. It was colorful fun.

Pride 1.PNG
Pride 3.PNG

The Gang.png

RedWings Episcopal Night


2018 Jazz Fest


Report to the Rector, Wardens, and Vestry 

2018 Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

Made in the U.K. Series


2018 marks our tenth year as host to the Made in the UK Series of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.  In terms of people entering our church building, this is the largest public event of the year, and we welcomed 5,600 music lovers into our nave (and might we say, our bathrooms) each evening for 6:45and 8:45 performances.  This year’s lineup was excellent, and we had as many as 992 in our nave in one evening.  Here is our attendance summary:


jazz count.png




An average of 621 paid attendance each evening.  The low count on Wednesday was due to rain, and the drop on Saturday was the high heat and humidity.


Our arrangement with the Jazz Festival is for them to provide the sound and light system, which has been done expertly these past ten years by Andy Greco and his team from Applied Audio, who has come to know our building intimately from an audio perspective.  They also provide a grand piano which they place in the chancel.  In past years, they have used our Steinway Grand, but this year chose to use one from their pool.  They pay us for Moses’ extra time – which is considerable – and for paper & cleaning products for the restrooms and to cover additional water and electricity use.  This $1,500 makes the Festival a break-even event for us.  We have free bottled water available each night, for what we call “Church Free.”  The woven basket on the table is our subtle hint, and we netted about $375 which has gone into the general operating revenue.  One kind soul gave us a donation of $25 “for all we do.”


It would be difficult to over-emphasize the importance of our participation in Downtown Rochester’s signature event.  For nine days the East End Cultural District is filled with happy jazz lovers who bring with them a good vibe and make Downtown what we all must hope it could be most of the time.  Christ Church is one of the oldest City institutions, and our various links to the life of our community says something very important and very positive about who we are and what we hope to be.  To see our nave, chapel, and aisles filled with friendly faces, and to see our front yard filled with happy people cannot help but make us all proud and hopeful.  One evening the line to get in stretched from the front porch to the curb of East Avenue.


We interact with all the musicians from overseas and the concert-goers, and we can say with absolute certainly that thousands of people have an extraordinarily positive image of Christ Church, Rochester, NY.  Several of the key musicians who have been here more than once tell us that this is definitely their favorite venue.  They are blown away by the sheer beauty of the interior, the majestic organ they see from the chancel as they perform, and they always remark on the hospitality they receive from us.  As people leave each performance, we hear over and over again, how much they love this place, and how appreciative they are to be welcomed into our space.  We cannot tell how many will come to a service, Tuesday Pipes, or Compline, but we hear many “promises!”  We have also received many accolades in the British jazz press, the musicians, and the journalists covering this event.


Finally, we want to thank everyone at Christ Church who cooperates with and helps us host this wonderful nine days of great jazz.  We have a stalwart band of volunteers from within and outside the Parish who come back each year to be a part of the goings-on.  And we very much appreciate and value the cooperation of the Rector, Wardens, and Vestry for your support.  This is both a great event and an on-going opportunity for Christ Church.  We look forward to 2019!


Respectfully submitted,


The Jazz Festival Committee

Joe and Vicki McCutcheon and Carlos Mercado


New Addition Meals

A "New Addition Meal" being enjoyed at the Vogt house

Impromptu Tours

With a big shout out and round of applause to Joe and Vicki McCutchon for leading and photos

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The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost- September 9, 2018

Third Sunday Lectures and Compline

Bishop Prince Singh


Christ Church Vestry Minutes July 17, 2018


Capital Campaign: Jessica Tower provided an in depth progress report, including upcoming listening sessions, plans for a Gala event to showcase to friends of Christ Church all of the wonderful things that happen at the community cornerstone which is Christ Church (November 10), and RoCo tree sculpture grand opening, around Sept. 7.


Finance Committee Report: Meg reported on the recent Finance Committee Meeting. The committee discussed the pros and cons of enlisting a professional financial planner to manage our funds. 


The Finance Committee discussed the current state of the Christ Church apartment.Repairs are needed, and church leaders will meet with the current tenant to discuss the relationship of those repairs with his tenancy. 


Property Report: Kyle stated that the Bid Date for Lawn Street Wall Repair is Tuesday, July 23. 


Deb said she met with a representative of GC Carpet, who suggested replacing carpets with carpet tiles. Deb also said an engineer has inspected the floor boards of Wilder Hall. He will return for further inspection.


Warden’s Report: Deb announced the date of September 7 for the Newcomer Dinner, a pot luck hosted by the Vestry. It will be a story sharing night, i.e., parishioners telling stories about how they first came to Christ Church.


Vestry On Call: Paul Sackett was a faithful parishioner who died last spring. There has been no memorial service. Deb will ask Rev. Steven Metcalfe to plan a memorial service as part of Tuesday 12:05 Eucharist.


Respectfully submitted by David C. Jutsum, clerk of the Vestry.


Vestry Meeting Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Minutes


Capital Campaign Report. The members of the committee are hard workers who dedicate themselves to a collaborative effort with a discernible spiritual slant. He announced a Campaign event to be held in the second week of November to recognize donors and showcase partners in the community.


Episcopal SeniorLife Presentation. The Vestry welcomed Courtney McGinness and Jessica Kelly from Episcopal SeniorLife Communities. Per the request of the Vestry on behalf of the Care Committee, they presented a comprehensive overview of options for seniors who are living on their own. Ms. McGinness and Ms. Kelly made themselves available to be called upon about services, resources, and to be pointed in the right direction. They mentioned Life Span, Adult Protective Services,Pace Program Elder One Day Program, and Companion Services are but a few of the agencies which can be called upon to help in providing short term and long term solutions. Episcopal SeniorLifeoffers affordable senior housing, assisted living, and nursing home options.


Property Committee. Kyle reported that the completed bid documents for Lawn Street Wall Repair are ready. Bids will come in July 12 [since changed to July 24]. Deb reported that both grants have given approval if there is a delay of the beginning of the work. 


Kyle reported that a Lighting Engineer is interested in coming up with a plan for improvements in lighting which have been discussed at previous Vestry meetings.


Deb reported a bid for resealing the parking lot: $1270.00. A dumpster and a heavy lift from Lawn Street Wall Repair might damage the new sealcoating. No decision for right now was made.


Deb announced that new blackout blinds have been installed in the Guild Room.


Finance Committee Report: 

The 44 page Audit was presented to the Vestry via E-mail by Meg, in compliance with Diocesan policy. Highlights: Systems are now backed up via the cloud. Thanks to Lucie, Kyle, Meg, and Bill Soleim for their work on the Audit.


Warden’s Report.

Deb reported that she approved Vicki McCutchon’s request for 3 quiet fans for the Jazz Fest. 


Carolyn presented copies of the new parish birthday card, created by Elizabeth Dugdale and Lucie Parfitt.


Deb introduced the issue of Christ Church advertising in the film series pamphlet published by Christians Witnessing for Palestine. Motion passed with 2 abstentions.


Deb asked the Vestry to approve, and the clerk to sign, a resolution authorizing Deb to accept funds from the NYS State Grant for repair of the clerestory windows, as required by State policy. The resolution was unanimously approved.


RESOLVED: That Deborah VanderBilt, as Warden of Christ Church Society, is hereby authorized and directed to accept funds from the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation in accordance with the provisions of Title 9 of the Environmental Protection Act of 1993, in an amount not to exceed $106,614.00, and to enter into and execute a project agreement with the State for such financial assistance to Christ Church Society for repair of clerestory windows, and if appropriate, a conservationeasement/preservation/public access covenant to the deed to the assisted property.


Safety and Security: Meg reported an update on Safety and Security Committee. She is in communication with a RPD officer, who has offered to make a presentation, and do a walkthrough. Meg recommends beginning with the smaller committee along with Moses. After that a meeting for the entire parish could be scheduled. Some training will also be available for those interested.


Respectfully submitted by David C. Jutsum, clerk of the Vestry.


Vestry Minutes May 22, 2018



1. Meg will put a Finance update in the Sunday Bulletin.

2. Deb will call both grants to see if we can put off Lawn Street Wall repair until 2019,ifnecessary.

3. Deb will ask Jeremy for the name of the Pittsford Episcopal Church rug guy.

4. Deb, Vicki, Beatrice, and Lucie will work on Bulletin Board changes.

5. Kyle will pass new Sunday Bulletin format changes by Ruth for input and approval.

6. Deb will pursue developing postcards and concerts as fundraisers, in response to Diocesan Congregational Committee suggestions.

7. Deb requests all Vestry to greet the Bishop at Coffee Hour on May 27.


Present: Deborah VanderBilt and Kyle Liddell, Wardens; Margaret Britt, Meg Mackey, James Kurmis, Carolyn Mauro, Lucie Parfitt, Valerie Jutsum, and Joseph Schaller, Vestry; Norman Geil, for Treasurer’s report; John Fields, for Property report. Absent: Rev. Ruth Ferguson, Rector; and Jeremy Cooney , Vestry. Recorded by David C. Jutsum, clerk.


Deb chaired the meeting. Joe spoke the Opening Prayer. Carolyn acted as Timekeeper. 


Norm presented the Treasurer’s Report. The target for the budget at the end of April was 33.3%. Income was at 42% and expenses were at 35%. The budget had predicted a deficit of about $11,540. Instead, there is a surplus of over $7,000.

    We have received the first reimbursement for Ruth’s Medical Leave from the Medical Insurance.

    We are changing Disposal Services from Waste Management to Youngblood. The saving will be $60-$70/month.

    Norm recommended changing our Copier Contract from Toshiba to Cannon. A five year contract featuring unlimited toner, same extra copy charge, 2-3 hour response time, and removal and installation of equipment will save $66/month. 


Kyle presented the Warden’s Report. He began by reading Ruth’s Rector’s Report. Synopsis: The healing process is taking place, but it is a difficult road. Ruth hopes to return July 1, easing back in slowly: “So much of our lives and our calling is surely this: not the life we plan, but how we respond to the life that is happening to us.” The specifics of Ruth’s return will be discussed at the July Vestry Meeting.

    Deb asked the Vestry to choose a month for the Newcomer’s Dinner. September was agreed upon. Deb will start with a Doodle Poll of the Vestry. 


John Fields presented the Property Report. He passed out a photo of the Ambulatory Wall, and described the story of its construction, eventual fall into disrepair, and plan for reconstruction.Summary: Bero Architectural has almost completed the bid request. After they go out, bids should then be received within about two weeks. The length of the project should be somewhere in the 4-8 week timeframe. It probably can’t be started any later than September 1, because of weather concerns. Deb will call both Grants to see if we can put off construction until 2019, if necessary.

    Other work to be done will be the responsibility of the parish. This includes molding, carpet, drywall, windows, and roof, in terms of removal, repair, rebuild, reinstall, varnish, and such. John will supervise these in-house responsibilities.

    The hallway inside will not be usable during the project. The sidewalk outside the wall will be blocked off by the contractor.  A summary sheet by John is appended to the minutes.


Peg presented the Outreach Liaison Report. Here is a list of the salient points:

1.RAIHN : 6 new volunteers have joined. Beatrice Deshommes wants to individualize the RAIHN section of the hallway bulletin board. Beatrice, Vicki, Lucie, and Deb will discuss this.

2.Vicki is getting volunteers for Jazz Fest.

3.CC is hosting the Make Music Festival in the front lawn, hosted by Bernunzio Uptown Music on Thursday June 21, from 12-8 PM.

4. Vicki McCutchon reports 10 upcoming weddings, including 2 for parishioners, for a total of 15 this year.

5.”Growing Family” meals is a ministry that is getting off the ground. (Just what it sounds like-meals provided for families with new babies).

6.A list of school supplies needed for the new year will be coming from CC Pittsford for School #9.


Deb led a brief discussion of an offer from the Diocese to save money by using an early payment discount on our Congregational Development Loan. We are in a deficit budget, but we will revisit if we receive any bequests this year.


Kyle opened up a discussion of changes in Sunday Bulletin Format. The basic idea is to make the Bulletin more accessible to visitors, and, especially to those who are not familiar with the Episcopal form of liturgical worship. It is quite possible that, to someone walking into an Episcopal church for the first time, the impression is that we are intimidating, catholic, and conservative. Kyle had fashioned two possible facelifts. Many potential changes were discussed. The Vestry was invited to give Kyle suggestions, which he will pass by Ruth in a week, for input and approval.


The final discussion was led by Meg, Peg, and Deb. It had to do with a meeting which Meg, Peg, Deb, and Bill Soleim attended: the Diocesan Congregational Development Committee. We are asking the Diocese for a grant. At that meeting, They ask the parish general questions like, what is the parish about and what are our goals? More specifically, what efforts are our congregation making for fundraising which would complement the grant we are requesting?  Here is a list of suggestions which the Diocesan Committee suggested CC looks into:

8. Involve Senior Centers , including Episcopal Church Home, in Tuesday Pipes.

9. A more obvious collection plate at Compline, which is more obvious and well lit.

10. Sponsored concerts.

11. Sell stuff at Jazz Fest, maybe on the lawn.

12. Postcards, Bookmarks, Posters, and Notecards, of CC stained glass windows.

    Deb will pursue postcards and concerts as fundraisers.


One Vestry on Call Report was then noted. A parishioner had much trouble getting an address change with the church office. Deb will work with Pat to help her create a dynamic directory.


A written Capital Campaign Report was a part of the Agenda. (Appendix 2).

Joe closed with prayer.


Submitted by David C. Jutsum, clerk.


Appendix 1



Appendix 2: 

Capital Campaign Committee - Report to the Vestry 


Campaign Tally: $466,000


• Implemented new database, inputted all donor data

• Sent pledge reminder letters for 2018 and Campaign Update 

• Naming Opportunities Updated

• Met with Lois Jones and Meal and More 

• Updated all Campaign Policies and Procedures

• Soliciting Donors in Person


• Received $25,000 in new gifts

• Receiving pledge payments for 2018

• Determined all-inclusive campaign will include kitchen as approved by Vestry (2 possible donors identified to fund this portion est. at $100,000)

Next Steps:

• Meet with all Parish, if meeting is declined then a pledge card and letter will be mailed to them

• Publish Campaign Update

• Begin Cultivating and Soliciting Members of the Community (outside Parish/Vestry)

• Follow-up with all verbal commitments for payments and anyone who has not yet committed

Vestry Minutes,  March 2018


Vestry Minutes March 20, 2018


  1. Visit from Jessica Tower, Capital Campaign Consultant

Jessica Tower was welcomed to the meeting. She has been a professional fundraiser for fifteen years. Coincidentally, she has previous connections to the Father’s House, and to the Eastman School. She offered an overview of how she hopes to approach her work at Christ Church. She will begin with a Listening Tour, as she becomes acquainted with the community. She will be officially introduced at both services on April 15. She will also be available at coffee hour that day. She will meet with the church staff. She wants them to know that she is available to them. She will supply monthly reports to the Vestry. To sum up, if the Capital Campaign team could be said to be a car moving through traffic, concentrating on looking at the car right ahead, Jessica will be helping by providing the bigger picture of reaching the final destination. The Capital Campaign at Christ Church is an endeavor which she looks forward to embracing with passion and enthusiasm. 


2.   Visit from Padraic Collins-Bohrer

Paddy asked the Vestry for a letter of support from the Vestry, to be part of the final step toward ordination to the priesthood. This letter, to be written by Ruth, in ink, and signed by the Vestry, will be sent to Carolyn McConnell at Diocesan HQ, in time for Paddy’s meeting with the Commission on Ministry on Saturday, April 28.

Paddy also gave us an update on his new assignments. Since February 21, he has been at the Church of the Ascension. He has entered into the preaching rotation. His fellow deacon there is Christ Church alumnus Lucy Alonzo. He is also working full time as a chaplain at Strong Hospital. This includes a learning component. He works in the Burn, ICU, Medical Trauma, and Psychiatric Units. He considers his participation in this ministry to be an honor. 

Paddy is beginning to have discussions with the Bishop about work opportunities after ordination. The Vestry thanked Paddy for his faithful response to a calling from God which, though rewarding, involves difficult and trying challenges.


3.   Rector’s Time

Ruth and the Executive Committee have decided it best for her to take a three month leave of absence, beginning right after Easter Sunday. She is fighting a very serious disease, and she must have time to rest, without stress, to give her the best chance to get better. The Vestry commended her determination to work as long as she has, in spite of being very ill. Fr. Steven Metcalfe and Fr. Bruce Griffith will be among the supply priests subbing for her in her absence.


4. Warden’s Report: 

Deb said 3 people have agreed to act as liaisons to help while Ruth is gone: Deb will be liaison to ROCO; Kyle will be liaison to the Eastman; and, Norm Geil will be liaison to the Father’s House.


5.  Capital Campaign Committee:

Joe announced that there is now a Capital Campaign tab on the CC website. It features a thermometer, synopsis of projects, and a donate button. Thanks to Colin Soleim for designing the site.


6. Discussion of Safety and Security Meeting Report:

Kyle reported that many big, difficult issues were brought to the forefront at this meeting held on Feb. 28, which was a forum for concerns about safety in the church; especially, in the light of the many tragic mass killings which have happened across the country. There have been incidents at Christ Church which, although “handled”, have revealed the need for professional guidance. We want everyone to be safe, and to take all necessary measures to ensure that. 

A committee of volunteers from the Safety and Security Meeting has formed and will send back recommendations concerning all of these issues. Meg will act as liaison to the Committee, whose members will be Joe and Vicki McCutchon, Spencer and Hope McGuckin, Pru Kirkpatrick, Lois Jones, and Jonathan Falk. 


7. Proposal for Garden from ROCO:

The Vestry discussed ROCO’s art project for June-October. It is a concrete tree with LED leaves that change color. One possible location was the center circle, but the Vestry decided the lawn adjacent to ROCO where the other installations have been was a better location for the tree as well. 


8. Deb reported that the Sunday evening pre-compline talk by Cynthia Houck on March 18 was well attended. Cynthia encouraged her listeners to join her in supporting a building which in this day and age cannot be rebuilt.



Respectfully submitted by David C. Jutsum, clerk of the Vestry.

Grants Update


GRANT UPDATE- December 19, 2017


The Christ Church grant team is thrilled to announce that the church was granted a New York State historical preservation grant for just over $106,000. The grant team applied for these funds to fix the six clerestory windows, which have damaged sills, frames, and panes, and therefore have let water into the building, which is partially responsible for the piece of the ceiling that fell from the North Aisle a couple of years ago. (The other element responsible was the roof on that aisle, which has already been repaired.) This work will be scheduled for Summer 2020. The grant team was inspired by the successful application by Ron Vukman to get a similar grant from NYS in 2009. It is rare to get a second grant in such a short time, and the grant team is grateful to everyone who helped by supplying us with information, especially Stephen Kennedy and Norm Geil. We are also so grateful for our partners Meal & More and The Father’s House, whose leadership wrote supporting letters to us, and to those in the community who also wrote letters supporting our application. 


Deb VanderBilt is also especially grateful to Val Jutsum, who happened to be at home within reach of her phone at the moment before Deb hit the “Submit” button on the grant website. Val and Deb claimed the verse “where 2 or 3 are gathered” and prayed for a successful outcome.  : )   Thanks to the whole grant team:  Deb VanderBilt, Tom Foster, Meg Mackey, Peg Britt, and Hugh Kierig.


This brings our grant total for repair work to $148,000.  These grant funds will go a long way toward helping the church pay for repair of the Lawn St. wall and the Nave repair and repainting projects.

Below is the original posting about our Grant process and hopes. I left it in to underline how wonderfully these prayers were answered.-ed.


old news

[The grant-writing team (Deb VanderBilt, Tom Foster, Meg Mackey, Peg Britt, and Hugh Kierig) has finished this year’s round of applications. In general, grants are available in the historic preservation category; in other words, we have to specify a building project and the grant will go toward repairs. Here’s an update on where we are with our grants.


In January, we applied for a grant from Sacred Sites (a part of the New York Conservancy Trust) for $50,000 for our buckling wall on Lawn Street. We received $25,000, which the grant administrator told us is typically the upper limit of what they award. We must match that grant 50-50 (no problem, since the wall repairs will cost at least $130K).


In May, we applied for two grants for the wall as well: to the Rochester Community Foundation Grant for $25,000 and to the Partners for Sacred Places for an unspecified amount (the first step is a “letter of intent”). We should hear from RCF in October, and we already heard we did not make the first cut from Partners for Sacred Places.


In July, we applied to New York State for a Historic Preservation Grant. Because our church is in a zip code that is characterized by high poverty, if we get this grant it will be a 75/25 match (we pay 25%). We applied for the grant for clerestory window repair, since the criterion for the grant is urgency. Water infiltration caused part of the ceiling under these leaky windows to fall down, so we believe we have a good case that window repairs are urgent. The application was for about $120,000, and we will hear in January about whether or not we receive it. 


We also applied in May for a Congregational Development Grant from the Diocese. This grant can be used for our deficit, so it is very different from the historic preservation grants. If we get it, we are eligible to be on a 5-year cycle of grant renewal, but it will be less each year as we work toward sustainability. To apply for the grant, the team worked on a plan of action to “develop” our congregation: communicating better about what we do to the community and other ways of growing our congregation. We applied for $35,000 and we will hear in September or October from the diocese if we get the grant.  They can say no, give the full amount we asked for, or give a lesser amount based on the total they have to allocate within the diocese.


It’s because of this final grant that Ruth, Deb, and Joe were required to attend the College for Congregational Development, to learn tools that will help us grow Christ Church both “inside,” in what we do to develop spiritual lives and fellowship in our church, and outside, in what we do to live out our mission and attract others to work with us on that mission.]


It’s also in connection with the Diocesan grant that you took the survey about what attracted you to Christ Church and why you stay. Here are the results of that survey (except the comments, which even though anonymous we are treating as confidential:


Member Survey: 63 responses


Question 1: What caused you to visit Christ Church for a church service (other than Compline) the first time? (Click all that apply)

I was looking for a faith community 50.00% 26

Heard about it from someone I know 46.15% 24

Found it through the website 13.46% 7

Was in the neighborhood and was curious 13.46% 7

Attended Compline, then came to a service 7.69% 4

Read about it in the newspaper 1.92% 1

Found it via Facebook 1.92% 1 

Attended Jazz Festival then came to a service 0.00% 0

Question 2: What was it about Christ Church that caused you to attend regularly or become a member? (Click all that apply.)

The music 70.4% 43 

The preaching 63.9% 39 

The Christ Church community 59.0% 36 

The way the service is conducted (the liturgy) 57.3% 35

The physical space (Sanctuary) 47.5% 29

The outreach initiatives of Christ Church 34.4% 21

Question 3: If you had to pick a PRIMARY reason why you attend Christ Church regularly or are a member, what would you pick?

The music 26.6% 16 

The Christ Church community 26.6% 16 

The liturgy 20% 12 

The preaching 18.3% 11 

*Question 3 responses by those at CC 8 or fewer years: 

The preaching 31% 9 

The Christ Church community 24.1% 7 

The music 20.6% 6 

The liturgy 17.2% 5

The Care Team

is here to help


The Christ Church Care Team is a volunteer ministry to help parishioners on a temporary basis as they recover from surgery, suffer the death of a loved one, are home bound or in the hospital, or need support due to another kind of loss or difficult transition. The Care Team assists parishioners in need with the following: shopping, meals, pet care, house help, phone calls to check in, and home and hospital visits. Please notify the Rector if you or someone you know could use Care Team support. [Care Team Leaders: Shirley Ricker, Norma Kurmis, Lydia Worboys, Peg Britt, Elizabeth Dugdale, Kyle Liddell and Jim Blake]

Christ Church     Annual Parish Meeting     January 28, 2018


Prayer and Rector’s Opening Remarks The Rev’d Ruth Ferguson    


Updates/Greetings from Community Partners Bleu Cease, ROCO

Lois Jones, A Meal & More

Chef Alan Callerame & William Drayton

Emily Brennan

Nominations for Warden and Vestry Kyle Liddell

  • Warden for 2-year term

  • Three vestry persons for 3-year terms

  • 1 Vestry person for 1-year fill-in term

  • Open spot for 2-year fill-in term

Open Ballot

Voting members are 18 years or older, have been baptized for at least 12 months, are regular attendants at worship, and contribute to the support of the parish.

Report on Parish ministries

Music Program Lydia Kirkpatrick

Spiritual Formation Kyle Liddell

Outreach Lucie Parfitt

Finance Committee Meg Mackey and Norm Geil

Capital Campaign Lucie Parfitt

Warden’s Remarks Deb VanderBilt

Close Ballot The Rev’d Ruth Ferguson

Closing Prayer The Rev’d Ruth Ferguson


REPORT on the Music Program

Stephen Kennedy, Music Director

Christ Church Music Program

Special thanks and appreciation is due to each of you for your participation in music at Christ Church. Whether singing a chant or hymn, listening to a prelude or postlude, or honing a motet in a rehearsal, we are all celebrating something important together as a family through music and we do it with love. We are grateful for the support and work of our Rector Ruth Ferguson, Wardens Deborah Vanderbilt and Kyle Liddell, the Vestry, Pat Knapp, and Moses Roland. We also want to thank our Associate organists David Higgs and William Porter for contributing so generously of their time and talent. They also help with mentoring and teaching our parish musicians and VanDelinder Fellows. Our VanDelinder Fellows Joshua Ehlebracht, Henry Webb, and Alden Wright also deserve tremendous thanks for all their great work in our parish.  Our Eastman-Christ Church Choral Scholar, Adam Sadberry; Choral Scholar, Evan Ritter; and Music Scholar, Thatcher Lyman (Assistant Director of the Schola Cantorum) also contribute greatly to music at Christ Church. It is so exciting to see such growth in liturgical music skills from these dedicated young musicians. We are also extremely grateful to Christopher Huebner, Schola librarian and coordinator, as well as our dedicated teem of Compline Ushers. Continued thanks and appreciation goes to the members of our parish ensembles as listed below:


Goals from 2017 – ongoing in 2018

  1. Attract more people to Christ Church through our music program Goal on target

  2. Raise the level of musicianship in CC ensembles Goal on target

  3. Raise community awareness of our rich and diverse music program Goal on target

  4. Foster the education and training of musicians in liturgical music skills Goal on target

  5. Engage people from the larger community (non parishioners) to help fund

our parish music program Goal on target

  1. Install professional recording equipment in the church to record CC Choir,

Youth Ensemble, Consort, CC liturgies, and concerts     Working on installation date

7.   Fundraising to support our parish music program Goal on target

8.   Strengthen existing community collaborations and partnerships in music Goal on target


Opportunities for individuals to assist and contribute in our parish music program  

  1. Compline ushers and Candle-lighters Team is in place, but more are welcome

  2. Greeters at Tuesday Pipes to represent the parish Alan Jones is our regular; others are welcome

  3. Volunteers to help send publicity to media via e-mail Help in this would be great

  4. People to help set up for Compline following the 11:00 CC Choir members could use assistance


  1. People to assist in searching for grants and grant writing Volunteers needed

REPORTS on Christ Church Programs and Volunteer Opportunities

Along with pledging, the donation of one’s time to parish organizations and working groups has a tremendous impact on the vitality of the church. Below you’ll see a list of all the groups and tasks working at Christ Church. Groups with a crucial need have those needs in bold print, but all the groups welcome new volunteers. Please read the list and see what might match your interests and skills. 

A MEAL AND MORE – Lois Jones


In order to sustain, A Meal and More, now beginning its 39th year, it takes the cooperation and effort of: Christ Church Rochester; A Meal and More, Inc. Board Members; Hundreds of Volunteers, from both Episcopal and non-Episcopal churches; an experienced and competent Chef; a pleasant and watchful Greeter and a germ conscious and helpful Dishwasher.

It is truly startling to find out that 1 out of every 6 people in the United States is considered food challenged. 8130 meals were served during 2017 by A Meal and More. The Elderly are a very consistent presence. Between 140 and 270 meals were served to them every month this year, as compared to between 150 and 200 meals per month last year. The number of meals to Children nearly doubled with 40 meals per month being served to Children compared to approximately 25 meals per month last year. Adults – make up the largest group we feed with approximately 500 meals served to this group each month which is down by about 100 meals per month from last year but those meals are now being served to the Elderly and Children. 

The 3 men who faithfully feed our Urban poor are: Allen Callerame, Chef; William Drayton, Greeter and Nick Donofrio, Dishwasher.

We want to THANK all the members of Christ Church for your faithful and continued support of A Meal and More, Inc.’s Ministry. --Lois Jones, Vice President and Kristy Liddell, Volunteer Coordinator 

ALTAR GUILD – Bill Soleim


The Altar Guild is a group of men and women who works mostly behind the scenes to prepare for services on Sunday. Our ministry involves caring for the vestments, vessels, and altar linens of Christ Church. We usually work in pairs to set up for Sunday’s services at 9:30 on Saturday morning (for about 1 hour). After the 11:00 service, we take about 20 minutes to wash communion vessels and put away vestments. We each serve one a week per month, but many of us also work together on Christmas and Easter to decorate the sanctuary. If you think you would enjoy serving God and our congregation in this quiet ministry, please contact Bill Soleim. 

Crucial need: A partner for an altar guild member currently serving alone on SECOND and FOURTH Sundays of the month.

ANGEL TREES – Eleanor Peet


This outreach program is the collection of Christmas gifts for the women clients, and their families, of the Willow Domestic Violence Center (formerly known as Alternatives for Battered Women). The Center provides us with a wish list. Paper Angels with suggestions written on them decorate two trees that are placed in the sanctuary and the Guild Room each December. Parishioners take an angel or two and bring their gifts unwrapped back to church to be brought to the Center mid-December. Willow Center says: “over 70% of domestic violence crimes are witnessed by children. A simple gesture of providing new toys during their stay can give a child in crisis a sense of normalcy and hope.”


BIRTHDAY CARDS – Carolyn Mauro

A delightful task that we on the birthday card team have is to send greetings to every member of our parish family whose birthday we have on record at the parish office. This is a small but, we’ve heard, enjoyed yearly acknowledgment of your importance to our parish family—you’re all a vital part of us. We’re all grateful for your presence and giving of your talents to Christ Church’s mission, so the cards are a small but sincere reminder of that to you. Crucial Need: Several members have not shared their “special day” with us, and if you have chosen not to participate, we understand. However, if you have been with Christ Church for a while and have not been acknowledged, or if you are new to us, and would like to receive a yearly card, please notify the parish office at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


The members of the committee are: The Rev. Ruth Ferguson; Gail Lynch; Lucy Parfitt; Joseph Schaller, chairperson; Bill Soleim; John Urban; and Deb Vanderbilt. The committee is grateful for the opportunity to serve Christ Church.

The Christ Church building needs repair. If we are to continue to worship and fulfill our great commission, as Christians, in this building, the repairs must be done as soon as possible. Because our operating funds are insufficient to pay for the capital improvements, the Christ Church Vestry decided to initiate a capital campaign. A campaign committee was formed, and the campaign was named A Gift and a Promise. Your Gift is for our near-term needs and it is also a Promise – because it secures our future. The campaign goal is $1 million. Demonstrating their commitment to the campaign each member of the vestry has pledged a gift. 

In the spring of 2017 a capital campaign consultant was briefly retained. Dissatisfied with the consultant, the relationship was terminated, and the capital campaign committee assumed the responsibilities for the day-to-day operational management of the campaign. The committee has been meeting on a weekly basis since August 2017. Campaign polices, collateral materials and an administrative infrastructure were created. Fundraising plans were determined and initiated for parishioners, friends of Christ Church and external organizations. 

To date the campaign has raised through gifts, pledges and grants… Apologies for the tease but to find out the amount raised and other important details of the campaign, and your vital role we cordially invite you to A Gift and a Promise kick-off celebration on Sunday, February 11 following the 11 AM service. 

CARE TEAM – Norma Kurmis and Elizabeth Dugdale

The Meals Care Team has 8 active members. We have provided several meals to 4 families since the summer. The team will bring meals on a temporary basis to parishioners who have suffered bereavement, have a new baby or are home from the hospital, for example. If anyone knows of a family who could use a little extra help with a meal or two, please contact Ruth with your request. Sometimes the requests can come in quickly, so anyone who is willing to donate their time and meal-prep skills to the team would be welcomed! If you are interested in joining us, please let me know at

Home Visits currently has 10 members who arrange amongst themselves to go a visit a fellow member of our church when notified who is in need of a little bit of society but cannot get to church! We have (luckily) only been called upon to arrange visits for a total of 3 fellow church members over the past year. I believe we have done a good job in dividing up the visits and find these interactions & chances to socialize highly rewarding, but as the head of this group, I confess: I have done a poor job in double checking in with my teammates and apologize...Sorry ya'll! We are always welcoming more people to add their name to the list to go visit a church family members when they are in need of some company so please email Elizabeth Dugdale at if you would like to join! (And/or if you have any suggestions).  If you need a meal or a visit from the Care Team, call or email the Rector and she will let the Care Team know.  


The communications committee is composed of the maintainers of the CC website, The Song, the Facebook page, our paper brochures and advertisements, and other publicity efforts.  Follow our church activities in The Song and on Facebook and share them with others.

FORUM – Mary Vukman

The Forum is a study and discussion group that meets on Sunday mornings.   Most recently, we have been reading the Letter of James slowly and inquisitively.  We ask a lot of questions and toss around a lot of maybe's, hoping to better understand our our Christian heritage and calling.  Watch the bulletin for a new topic coming soon.   Then join us any Sunday 9:45 -10:45 am in the Guild Room. 

FOYERS – Val Jutsum

Foyers is our name for small informal groups of Christ Church parishioners who meet for a meal. They are a wonderful way, whether you are relatively new to the church or a long-time member, to meet and get to know other Christ Church members.

Foyers groups are composed of 6-8 people who meet once a month in each others’ homes for a simple dinner. Each person hosts one dinner during the “season,” and it is a simple dinner (not potluck) lasting from about 6 to 9 p.m.  There is no agenda, just fun and fellowship! Because of Rochester weather, the “Foyers season” at Christ Church is April to October.  

Do you have small children? In the past, we have offered the choice to specify if you would like to be in a group with others with small children. Please note your choice about that when signing up below.

Are you thinking “I don’t have space for 8-10 people to sit around a dining table”? Don't let that stop you! Dinners can be informal--we can balance plates on our laps! We can picnic! All who want to be part of Foyers are welcome.

This past Foyer Season didn’t occur. The number of interested participants wasn’t enough to make a group(s). 

Crucial need: Interested people to eat a meal and have fun.

CHANCEL TEAM: Acolyte, Crucifer, Subdeacon, Thurifer, Verger – Jim Bement


At all celebrations of the Liturgy, it is fitting that the principal celebrant, whether bishop or priest, be assisted by other priests, and by deacons and lay persons.” (BCP, 322 & 354).  When serving at the altar, members of the chancel team are fulfilling those directions of the Book of Common Prayer. We are aware that the purpose of assisting at the altar is “that God may be glorified.” Since last year’s report, we have added 5 members to the Team including 1 youth.  To reinitiate the position of Verger in our services we will need two or three additional members.  Training as to what to do as well as why we do it will be provided at your convenience.  Please contact me or the Rector if you wish to explore this service to our parish and to God. --Jim Bement, 585.734.5756,

JAZZ FESTIVAL – Carlos Mercado


Each June, our parish welcomes over 6,000 music lovers to our building to enjoy what has become one of the four top jazz festivals in the world and the largest gathering of British Isles musicians outside of England.  This was the tenth year that we have hosted the “Made In the UK” Series, and it is possible only because of a group of dedicated parish and community volunteers.  Having been designed as a Community Outreach event, it covers our out-of-pocket costs and affords an opportunity to showcase our historic building.  As a result of the festival and press coverage, the name “Christ Church Rochester, NY” is well known in UK jazz circles, and we enjoy an excellent reputation for our hospitality and the quality of our facilities.  We look forward to our 11th year in just a few months. Team: Carlos Mercado. Joe and Vicki McCutcheon


Coffee hour is a well- oiled machine.  We have a great crew that continue to provide tasty and quenching treats and bring us all together to catch up with one another.

This is a fun year for weddings and Meals for New Parents, because we have sisters having babies within weeks of one another and we have two parishioner weddings this summer.  In addition to our two parishioner weddings there are 4 other weddings on the books.  The goal is eight weddings a year and I do believe we will make our goal.  The church hosted 8 weddings in 2017.

I am happy to say that School #9 has quite a few churches helping them out.  My contact still wants us to stay on board for school supplies which I do in conjunction with Christ Church Pittsford.  I always enjoy working with the ladies from CCP as we put the school bags and uniform items together for the excited students.  School #9 knows though they can always contact us if there is a need.

We continue to host our annual events of the Antiphon celebration in December and 12th Night or in this year’s case our Epiphany Celebration and the Annual Meeting Luncheon held in January.  A wedding reception and dinner was held after a small wedding service this past November and was very well received.  Three funeral receptions were held also this past year.  We also had a going away luncheon for Marianne this past summer.

GARDEN – Deb VanderBilt

The garden group—Kitty Jospe, Lois & Alan Jones, Deb VanderBilt, Tom Foster, Joe McCutchon and other parish members and Sagamore residents—had a good year in the garden due to plentiful rain. Many neighbors and visitors are in our garden on a daily basis, and we get appreciative comments about its beauty all the time. We love sharing the garden with ROCO art as well.  We dealt with vandalism to the center urn by strengthening its core, and believe it is more immune from efforts to push it over now. We can always use more hands during the early summer weeding season and the fall leaf-raking season. Contributions that go primarily toward mulching costs (about $2,000/year) are always welcome. 

Crucial Need: We announce our garden work days in advance in the bulletin and responses to those work days are what would be most helpful for this group. 


The Lectors and Intercessors are responsible for reading the lessons and Prayers of the People at services throughout the year.  Parishioners who are interested and not yet members of “the team” are encouraged to join us.  Lectors read about 4-5 times a year, and Intercessors about once a month. 


The Property Committee monitors the status of the building and property, and works with external organizations for larger repair efforts. Over the past year, we have been working towards our Lawn Street Wall repair (which will happen this summer!), coordinating with the Campaign Committee in planning for the remaining work in the nave, investigating lighting improvements, and managing roof and other building maintenance.

QUILTERS – Ann Piato

We have presented 36 handmade quilts to newly baptized members as they join Christ Church, 31 for infants and 5 for adults (3 for staff). We also made the quilt hanging in the hallway in honor of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Church. Lucy Alonzo and Marianne Sickles received quilts in honor of their service to Christ Church, and we made a quilt for Ruth Ferguson to honor her first year as our rector (with pieces of fabric donated by the congregation). The quilters of Christ Church are Eleanor Peet, Ann Piato and Pat Kingsley.

RAIHN – Beatrice Deshommes

Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (RAIHN) helps homeless families become independent by providing shelter, food and case management.  Community churches provide housing and/or volunteers to support this work. We are in need of more volunteers to help sustain this ministry. 

Go to for more information. Contact Beatrice Deshommes 585-880-7029 for information on becoming a Christ Church RAIHN volunteer

SANCTUARY AT CHRIST CHURCH – Lucie Parfitt and Rev. Ruth Ferguson

“Sanctuary at Christ Church” is an outreach support team, with “sanctuary” being a symbolic term for how we serve Christ with our building and with our hearts. In addition to supporting  A Meal and More, RAIHN, and the Angel Tree, we invited parishioners to participate in “Walk for Water” for Sudan; an interfaith gathering at Temple B’rith Kodesh to support Project Homeless Connect; a harvest dinner to honor farm workers, and hosted  the Drawdown Series (climate advocacy)in the Guild Room. [Outreach Team: the Rev’d Ruth Ferguson, Lucie Parfitt, and Sue Hughes Smith]



SONG – Val Jutsum

The SONG is the newsletter for Christ Church Rochester. It is a digital publication that changes themes with the seasons of the liturgical year. The actual content changes frequently, as often as daily, sometimes. It includes eight distinct sections. They are the cover section (Song) which has an editor’s note, Ruth’s essay, and Stephen Kennedy’s music notes. The next section is a blog of Ruth’s sermons in audio form. The section called News and Events has activities and things parishioners wish to share with the other members of the parish and due to the world wide audience of the internet, the world. The music event gallery shows the ongoing music activities and contributors and the chapel gallery is a collection of photographs of the Mary Chapel intended for the private reflection of our visitors as an aid to prayer and meditation. There is a contact page where anyone can leave a message, suggestion, or comment. The archive section has all of the back issues, but because it is set up like a blog post, the most recent issue is on top and the previous issues are below in chronological order going back to the very first issue. There is also a donate section. This is set up to take credit card donations. Anyone, parishioner or casual visitor can make a donation, by credit card from this page.

We also send out a small number of paper printed copies for those parishioners who have requested it, typically people who do not have access to a computer, tablet, smartphone, or internet.

The SONG also contains in every section, lots of music and art, much of it original. It can’t be seen anywhere but here. The music is taken from our service recordings as well as professionally made recordings of the Schola Cantorum. It is world class.

Below is a breakdown of the number of visits the SONG had last year and last month.

My hope for the SONG is that people would enjoy reading it, share it with their friends, both in the parish and outside it, and invest themselves creatively by submitting items for publication. We have a very talented and dedicated group of people. I want them to use their voices. I want them to be seen and heard.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION – Kyle Liddell and Rev. Ruth Ferguson

This year we have a “formation team” planning and creating programs for study, prayer, and faith sharing throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. In October/November we held book study on NT Wright’s “Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church.” In November/December, we welcomed the Rev’d Bill Peterson to three lunch studies to present on the history and theology of Advent and its liturgies from his book, “What are We Waiting For? Re-imagining Advent for Time to Come.”  In January / February, the Rector will lead an Inquirer’s Class for those new to the Episcopal Church and/or seeking  baptism, confirmation or reception into the church.  In February/ March, the Formation Team will lead a contemplative prayer and study program, and Dr. Mark Brummit will lead a Lenten academic study on the book of Amos. Adults and youth welcome to any and all. [Formation Team: The Rev’d Ruth Ferguson, Kyle Liddell, Kristy Liddell, Jennifer Anstey, John Urban] 

STEWARDSHIP – Pru Kirkpatrick

Stewardship is the ongoing exercise of discernment for individuals and for our parish. The Stewardship Committee specifically plans and organizes the kick-off of the fall campaign. How do we best use the resources we are given?  Programs, ongoing expenses, outreach, to name a few, require dollars. The Stewardship Team works with church leaders to make our parish’s mission possible. The group begins its work in late summer to plan Stewardship events for September through November. More volunteers for this committee are very welcome! If you would like to join us, please contact Pru Kirkpatrick (585) 442-7224.

SUNDAY SCHOOL – Emily Brennan

Sunday School is comprised of two separate components, nursery for younger children, and a lesson for the older kids. Nursery, essentially, keeps younger kids entertained via toys or crafts to better allow their parents to enjoy the service. The lesson for the older kids, is made up of three parts. First, we have five to ten minutes of free time for play and socialization. Then we read one (sometimes both) of that week’s readings from The Children’s Illustrated Bible, and we finish with a craft or activity related to the reading. For questions or more information, feel free to email Emily Brennan at

 Crucial Need: Craft supplies, excluding crayons and colored pencils


The Tuesday morning book group reads widely, this year especially so.  We explored David Brooks’  thoughts on “an older moral ecology” in his The Road to Character. In Raymond E. Brown’s The Churches the Apostles Left Behind we read how seven apostolic communities uniquely adapted the Christian message.  We learned how being late in a fast-paced technological world that could be a blessing in Tom Friedman’s  Thank You For Being Late Most recently we discovered how the biographer A.N. Wilson views the apostle Paul in his Paul: the Mind of an Apostle.  Everyone is welcome (drop-ins included) to our worship service at 9 (Eucharist the first two Tuesdays of the month, Morning Prayer the rest of the month) and to the book discussion, coffee, and treats that follow.  Special thanks to Mary Anne Wickett for giving us Morning Prayer, and to Ruth for giving us Eucharist.  

USHERS – Joe McCutchon

The Ushers have gone through a couple of minor changes to make the offertory more inclusive of the congregation at the 11am service. Thus, the plate collection is more interactive, and the elements of bread and wine are presented by someone from the pews other than an usher. Also, it is always helpful to have new volunteers especially for holy days and evening services. 

Finance Report to Christ Church Rochester

28 January 2017

Finance Committee              

Norm Geil, Co-Chair

Meg Mackey, Co-Chair

Kathy Brennan

Ron Vukman

Committee Responsibilities

The Christ Church Finance Committee has the responsibility, in conjunction with the Vestry, Treasurer and Rector, to oversee the financial condition and well-being of the parish. It makes recommendations to the Vestry on all financial matters deemed appropriate by the Committee or requested by the Vestry, including among other activities: preparing an annual budget; monitoring investments and operating expenses and income; arranging for audits; and providing a report for the annual parish meeting.

2018 Budget

Understanding how The Church’s funds are applied – and managing them responsibly – is an important part of the Committee’s charter.

2018 Annual Pledges … Good News!

When we presented the 2017 Budget, it reflected a projected deficit of $63,500. Thanks to YOUR generosity, we reduced that amount by 60%!!! 

And that generosity has continued into 2018. As of 1/22/18, we are down just one pledging unit (household), and the amount of annual pledges has grown, notably in higher amount pledge groups. Our projected “envelopes” income for 2018 is up as well, from $194,000 in 2017, to $206,000 in 2018. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Grant Status

While not part of the Finance Committee, the Committee supports the efforts of a small but mighty team, led by Warden Deb Vanderbilt, with support from Tom Foster, Peg Britt, Meg Mackey, and Hugh Kierig (member emeritus). 


Candlelight Concerts, Compline, and Music Events

at Christ Church 2017-2018

Episcopal Relief and Development

How about some lovely farm animals as a gift this Christmas? Or maybe a nice micro loan? I have to admit that I've never put farm animals on my list of things to get. I'm actually not a fan of farm animals. I have, however, wished for a micro loan, back in the day when we were a younger family. The opportunity to be creative is something that is so close sometimes, yet just out of reach for some of us. This is particularly true if you live in a place where food security is more hope than reality. A lot of people live in that place. It's not always just about location. Helping people make their hopes of opportunity come true this Christmas may be the very thing God is asking you to do. If you are inclined to want to make this a farm animal Christmas for someone who has this at the top of their wish list, check this out-

Christmas at Christ Church